Sandvik Process Systems is a developer and manufacturer
of steel belts, press plates and processing systems

  • Applications

    From wood to chemicals, from food to flooring, the potential applications for our steel belts and process technologies are virtually unlimited.

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  • Products

    Our ranges encompass everything from steel belts, press plates and processing systems to conveyors, scatterers and double belt presses.

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  • Global service network

    Our worldwide service network means we can offer local support on a genuinely global scale.

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  • Service, support and spare parts

    From belt inspection and repair to system design and engineering of new processing plants.

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Sandvik steel belts and process systems

Sandvik TPS

The merger of the composites arm of Sandvik and fellow press equipment manufacturer TechnoPartner Samtronic GmbH (TPS) saw the formation of Sandvik TPS, the world's leading manufacturer of double-belt presses and associated equipment. Read the full story here.

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One Day with Sandvik

From food and fuel to paint and perfume, products processed using Sandvik technology touch all our lives 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Find out more about the amazingly diverse range of applications for Sandvik steel belts and industrial processing systems in our ONE DAY brochure.

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The Sulphur Company

We are a world leader in sulphur processing and handling systems. From a full range of sulphur solidification solutions through safe bulk handling, stacking and reclaiming systems, to efficient, environmentally-friendly ship, rail and truck-loading facilities, we are The Sulphur Company.

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Event calendar

The coming months will see us taking part in a range of different trade fairs around the world – this is where you'll find us.

24 hour steel belt service

Our exceptional service support is your guarantee of peace of mind. Sandvik offers steel belt after-sales service 24 hours per day - 7 days a week. Phone our 24-hour service helpline numbers or send a message via email.

Press plates

Press plates and endless press belts with smooth and textured surfaces for the production of decorative laminates and melamine coating of wood based panels.

Multi-layer floor coverings

Precision scattering machines and double belt presses for the efficient production of a wide range of multi-layer construction flooring types.

Rotoform 4G

The world's most popular granulation system is now even better.

Wood-based panels

We are a key partner to the WBP industry, supplying steel press belts and service support to manufacturers the world over.

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