Sandvik Process Systems is a developer and manufacturer
of steel belts, press plates and processing systems

  • Sulphur processing

    Efficient sulphur solidification and handling systems for oil/gas refineries.

    Sulphur solidification & handling

  • Wood-based panels

    Steel press belts for particle board, MDF, OSB and coated boards.

    Wood-based panels

  • Fertilizer production

    From in-line mixing and Rotoform pastillation to downstream handling.

    Fertilizer production

  • Hygienic processing

    Stainless steel belt conveyors for food and other hygiene-critical applications.

    Hygienic steel belts

  • Laminate textures

    Press plates and endless press belts with smooth / textured surfaces.

    Decorative laminates


Our steel belts, process technologies and associated handling solutions deliver high performance, reliable service across a whole range of industries. We are market leaders in a number of these areas – including some of the key applications highlighted immediately below – but the versatility of our systems means there are literally hundreds of potential applications.

Sulphur solidification & handling

Technologies and services for sulphur processing and handling incl. solidification, storage and truck, rail & ship loading.

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Wood-based panels

Steel press belts for OEMs and WBP industry end users – for the production of particle board, MDF, OSB and coated boards.

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Fertilizer production

Efficient pastillation of urea and multi-nutrient fertilizer mixtures – complete systems from mixing to downstream handling.

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Hygienic steel belts

Hygienic GMP-compliant stainless steel belt conveying solutions for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries.

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Decorative laminates

Press plates and endless press belts with smooth / textured surfaces for decorative laminates for flooring, furniture and much more.

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Applications A-Z

Bake oven belts

Our solid and perforated steel bake oven belts deliver reliable performance to OEMs and end users the world over.

Bitumen solidification

Sandvik process technologies for hard bitumen, tar pitch and asphaltene – from solidification to packing/bagging.

Chocolate processing

Sandvik steel belts enable hygienic conveying, forming and processing of chocolate and confectionery products

Coffee freezing

Our coffee freezing process uses the latest impingement technology to guarantee rapid and uniform heat transfer.

Confectionery processing

Sandvik steel belts can be found at the heart of processes across the chocolate and confectionery industries

Decorative laminates

Our press plates and endless press belts are used to produce textured surfaces for furniture, flooring products and more.

Fertilizer production

We provide complete systems for the mixing, solidification and handling of fertilizer urea and speciality urea products.

Film casting

Flat, smooth super-mirror-polished steel belts for high quality, ultra-flat film or sheet materials.

Fine chemicals

The Rotoform® system is widely used for the pastillation of fine chemicals such as stabilisers and additives.

Fruit and vegetable drying

We provide steel belt-based dehydration systems for the efficient processing of a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Our systems are suitable for GMP-compliant processing of food products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

High performance composites

Our multi-stage systems enable continuous production of pre-pregs and other high performance composites.

High temperature applications

Sandvik steel belts are the ideal conveying and processing medium for a range of high temperature applications.

Hot melts

High productivity solidification has made Rotoform® the system of choice for hot melt granulation.

Hygienic steel belts

Stainless steel belt conveyors ensure the highest standards of hygiene in meat processing and other food applications.

Multi-layer floor coverings

Precision scattering machines and double belt presses for multi-layer flooring.

Paper/pulp production

Our steel belts are used for paper pressing, drying and finishing, and machines for pulp washing.

Powder paint

Innovative, reliable and high-performance extrusion and cooling systems for powder paint production.

Resin granulation

Resin solidification expertize built on decades of experience

Rubber vulcanizing

Sandvik steel belts are widely used for vulcanizing/curing rubber sheet and other rubber products.

Solid surfaces / artificial stone

Single and double belt systems for resin-based solid surfaces and artificial stone.

Subcooling melts

The Sandvik Rotoform 4G sc supercooling system for the pastillation of subcooling melts

Sulphur bentonite granulation

Systems for the continuous mixing, solidification and handling of sulphur bentonite and other solid/melt mixtures.

Sulphur solidification and handling

World-leading sulphur processing & handling solutions for the oil & gas industry.

Tomato processing

Sandvik steel belts are widely used for tomato sorting tables (or 'merry-go-rounds') and selecting tables.

Waxes and fat chemicals

Rotoform® granulation for the solidification of waxes and fat chemicals into high quality, free-flowing pastilles.

Wood-based panels

Steel press belts and service support for WBP manufacturers the world over.

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