Sandvik Process Systems provides advanced industrial process solutions using steel belts, steel belt-based equipment and equipment based on adjacent technology.

Biogas digestate drying

We have developed a purpose-designed process for the efficient drying of biogas digestate, the nutrient-rich slurry residue left over from anaerobic digester processing.

The use of a perforated stainless steel belt in combination with controlled air flow delivers an efficient, durable and easy-to-operate drying system. As the digestate is transported through the drying system, hot air is constantly blown through the steel belt to extract the water content.

Sandvik's drying system for biogas digestate offers maximum uptime with low maintenance requirements and easy cleaning.

BioGas drying unit

The key benefits of the Sandvik digestate drying system include:

  • Optimum utilization of available heat
  • No crevices in which material can settle
  • Hard, smooth surface ensures easy discharge
  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Durable, wear-resistant steel for long working life
  • Systems options with circulating air or exhaust air
  • Low dust operation
  • Even air distribution for efficient, uniform drying
  • High throughput capacity

Energy recycling

Heat iconA considerable amount of heat is generated when biogas is burned to produce electricity. While some will be recycled in an engine cooling loop or to heat water, a large proportion is lost. The Sandvik dryer has been designed to make use of this free energy, with the hot water produced in the engine cooling loop being recycled in the dryer's heat exchangers.

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