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Bitumen asphalt packaging systems

Sandvik can provide asphalt solidification and packaging systems.

bitumenHot fluid asphalt is fed onto the Sandvik steel belt. When chilled glycol mixture is sprayed on the underside of the belt, and air blown from above the asphalt is solidified to bands and cut into consistently sized slabs that are stacked to form blocks. These in turn are automatically shrink-wrapped in polyethylene foil, and transferred to pallets. The whole process takes just over 15 minutes, and the packed end product is easily handled, and can be thrown straight into melting vessels on site. Standard pack sizes are 710 x 345 x 100 mm,weighing 25 kg, but this can be adapted to individual needs.

The Sandvik bitumen asphalt packaging system

  • Self-containing system
  • Solidified asphalt bands cut into consistently sized slabs
  • Slabs in regularly sized automatically packed

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