Sandvik Process Systems is a developer and manufacturer
of steel belts, press plates and processing systems

  • Rotoform granulation

    Economical, environmentally-friendly granulation for premium quality pastilles.

    Rotoform granulation

  • WBP press belts

    Steel belts for the production of particle board, MDF, OSB and coated boards.

    WBP press belts

  • Double belt presses

    Multi-stage systems incorporating heating, reaction, pressing and cooling.

    Double belt presses

  • Textured press plates

    Tactile surface textures ranging from natural wood to cutting edge abstracts.

    Textured press plates


Our steel belts and processing systems are used to improve productivity, product quality and cost efficiency across a diverse range of industries. All benefit from rigorous quality control and are backed up by a global service network.

Please choose from the four products areas below, or use the A-Z to select specific products or systems.

Steel belts

Stainless and carbon steel belts in plain, ground, polished or perforated finishes and supplied 'open' or as endless steel belts.

Steel belts

Processing systems and conveyors

For processing and handling chemicals, food, composites and other products; including up- and downstream equipment.

Processing systems

Press plates

Smooth/textured press plates and endless press belts for decorative laminates and melamine coating of WBP.

Press plates

Conveyor components

Extensive range of components for steel belt units including drums, sheaves, supports and tracking controls.

Conveyor components

Products A-Z

Automatic tracking device

Automatic tracking device for correct belt movement.

Bake oven belt

Solid/perforated bake oven belts for high-quality end product and a long service life.


Ensuring high reliability and long operation for medium to large conveyors.

Belt edge detector

The Sandvik belt edge detector enables easy tracking of the steel belt edge on the conveyor.

Belt for wood-based panel production

High-quality steel belts for the production of particle board, MDF, OSB etc.

Belts for the production of thin film/sheet

High gloss steel belts for the production of high quality thin film and sheet materials.

Break point

Break points for steel belt change direction in a conveyor.

Carrot mass dehydrators

Innovative dehydration system concentrates useful components of carrot mass.

Coffee freezing systems

Fast, efficient processing due to the steel belt's superb conductivity.


Combination of stainless steel and Teflon®-coated belt technologies.

Compact belt tracking

Compact belt tracking for a correct belt movement.

Conveyor components

Conveyor components and conveyor accessories for steel belt units.


Conveyors and steel belt-based systems for conveying, storing and packaging.

Cooler belt

Cooler belts offering long service life, low maintenance and easy cleaning.

Cooling systems

Single belt and double belt systems for cooling of, for example, chemicals or food.

Dehydration systems

Systems delivering reduced throughput times and low bacteriological counts.

Double-belt coolers

Compact, high capacity systems ideal for products such as waxes and resins.

Double-belt presses

Continuous production process combining different modules in one press.

Dryers for sensitive products

Systems designed to deliver end products of highly uniform moisture content.

Drying systems

Steel belt-based drying systems and dehydration systems for a wide range of food stuff.

Endless press belts

Smooth and textured surfaces delivering appealing optical and tactile impressions.

Fertilizer granulation systems

Granulation systems for many types of fertilisers, urea, AdBlue and animal feed.

Film casting systems

Ultra-efficient continuous production systems based on polished steel belts.


Steel belt-based flaking systems specially developed for high-capacity production of bulk material.

Food granulation systems

Food cooling and solidification systems designed to meet specific requirements.

Food storing and conveying systems

Hygienic steel belt conveyors for a wide range of food handling applications.

Freezing systems

Steel belt-based air blast freezing systems (including ICQ freezing systems).

Granulation systems

Granulation systems for food and chemicals like sulphur and fertilizer.

Graphite station

Graphite is deposited onto the underside of the steel belt for optimum performance.

Ground steel belt

Ground steel belts, levelled, straightened and supplied open or endless.

IQF freezers

Steel belt-based freezers for efficient production and high standards of hygiene.

Isobaric double belt presses

The isobaric system enables very high pressure to be delivered uniformly.

Isochoric double belt presses

Isochoric double belt presses for composites, plastics, laminates and more.

Oil skimmers

Steel-belt based conveyor used for continuous separation of oil from water.

Perforated steel belt

Perforated belts with a choice of five standard perforation patterns.

Polished steel belt

Super-mirror-polished stainless steel belts for thin film and ceramic sheets.

Press plates

Press plates and endless press belts with smooth and textured surfaces.

Processing systems and conveyors

Steel belt-based systems for processing chemicals, food and other products.

Resin granulation systems

Highly efficient granulation systems for all types of resin products.

Rolling road belt

Stainless steel rolling road belts for wind tunnels and tire testing machines.


Economical and reliable granulation for the production of premium quality pastilles.

Scattering Units

Precision scattering systems for granules, powder, flakes, fibres and more.

Seamless steel belt

For high-quality plastic foils and films such as optical film and packaging film.


Standard shafts for use together with sheaves, in belt widths up to
1,500 mm.


Sheaves used for short and/or low loaded conveyors instead of terminal drums.

Sheet casting systems

Systems for sheet casting engineered stone / artificial marble.

Single-belt coolers

In-line solidification of food and chemical products as flakes or pastilles.

Sliding shoe double belt presses

Double belt presses with sliding shoes for highly efficient heat transfer.

Small belt tracking

The small belt tracking will ensure a correct and smooth belt movement.

Solid belt supports, bars

Special cast iron skid bars designed to support steel bake oven belts.

Solid steel belt

Solid stainless steel and carbon steel belts for a wide range of applications.

Spring loaded guide rollers

Passive tracking device for handling situations when the running condition is variable.

Spring loaded guide rollers, pair

A passive tracking device.

Steel belt presses and casting systems

Double belt presses, single belt presses and casting systems.

Steel belts

Extensive range of stainless steel and carbon steel belt for different applications

Sulphur granulation systems

Sulphur solidification systems for a SUDIC premium quality end product.

Supercooling systems

Solidification of problem sub-cooling melts by means of a precrystallizer.

Teflon and steel belt presses

Double belt presses with multistage functionality in one continuous process.

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