Sandvik Process Systems provides advanced industrial process solutions using steel belts, steel belt-based equipment and equipment based on adjacent technology.

  • ThermoPress

    Double belt press systems based on Teflon® and/or steel belts.


  • ScatterPro

    Extensive range of precision scattering systems.


Composite solutions

We are a world leading supplier of double belt press technology and precision scattering units, serving customers across a wide range of industries.

Sandvik TPS modular systems enable multiple processes to be incorporated into a continuous line for the efficient production of high performance composites, flooring products, technical textiles solid surfaces and more.

ThermoPress press systems

Sandvik TPS modular press systems incorporating multiple processes in a single line to deliver highly efficient processing.

ThermoPress press systems

ScatterPro scattering systems

Sandvik TPS precision scattering solutions for bulk materials including powders, granules, chips, fibrous products and more.

ScatterPro scattering systems

Sandvik TPS Productivity Center

Showcasing the world's most extensive range of double belt presses and precision scattering machines.

Sandvik TPS productivity Center

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