Sandvik Process Systems provides advanced industrial process solutions using steel belts, steel belt-based equipment and equipment based on adjacent technology.

Conveyors and conveyor components

We offer an extensive range of conveyors and associated components for the conveying of a wide range of products and bulk goods, including food and other hygiene-critical applications.Here are just a few examples of applications for Sandvik conveyors:

  • Car bodies (for painting)
  • Meat (at cutting plants)
  • Clean goods such as medicine bottles
  • Coffee mass (at -45°C/-49°F)
  • Sugar conveying
  • Light bulbs
  • Plastic components (at 200°C/390°F)

High standards of hygiene

The high standards of hygiene that can be ensured through the use of a steel belt, together with easy cleaning, simple discharge and resistance to corrosion, make it the perfect choice for applications as diverse as high-capacity storage silos, chocolate and sugar conveyors, bake ovens and meat cutting tables.

Sandvik steel belts are also ideal for in-process storage and accumulation. Products can be stored between processing and packaging, and fed into the line as needed, without the damage that can occur with conventional batch storage and product transfer.

Conveyor components

SANDVIK conveyor components

We provide a complete range of conveyor components and accessories for steel belt units.

SANDVIK conveyor bearingsConveyor end stations

Bearings, break points, shafts and sheaves

SANDVIK conveyor graphite stationConveyor skid bars

Graphite stations and skid bars

SANDVIK small conveyor belt trackingConveyor tracking solutions

Tracking devices, belt edge detectors and guide rollers

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