Sandvik Process Systems is a developer and manufacturer
of steel belts, press plates and processing systems

Conveyor components

We supply a wide range of conveyor components and conveyor accessories for steel belt units.

This, together with our expertise and experience in system design, means we can develop and recommend solutions to meet the specific challenges of different applications and working environments.

Conveyor end stations

SANDVIK conveyor end stations


SANDVIK conveyor bearings

Genuine Sandvik conveyor bearings ensure maximum reliability and a long working life; products are supplied in a frame ready for mounting.

Conveyor break points

SANDVIK conveyor break pointsBreak points are used when a steel belt changes direction in a conveyor and consist of several rollers mounted on a frame and pivot shaft.


SANDVIK conveyor shaftsDrive and tension shafts designed for use with sheaves on steel belt conveyors; products available for belt widths from 400 mm to 1500 mm.


SANDVIK conveyor sheavesSheaves for short and/or low loaded conveyors (used instead of terminal drums); mounted on shafts at both drive and tension ends.

Conveyor skid bars

SANDVIK conveyor skid bars

Graphite station

SANDVIK conveyor graphite stationGraphite bars deposit graphite onto the underside of the steel belt to decrease friction and ensure optimum performance of the conveyor.

Solid belt supports, bars

SANDVIK conveyor belt support barsSpecial cast iron skid bars designed to support steel bake oven belts; it is recommended that min 10% of skids should be graphite bars.

Conveyor tracking solutions

SANDVIK conveyor tracking solutions

Automatic tracking device

SANDVIK automatic conveyor trackingThis automatic tracking device ensures correct steel belt movement, maintaining the steel belt's position within certain side limits on the conveyor.

Belt edge detector

SANDVIK conveyor belt edge detectorThe Sandvik belt edge detector uses sensors and a spring-loaded beam to enable easy tracking of the steel belt edge on the conveyor.

Compact belt tracking

SANDVIK compact belt trackerThe Compact Belt Tracker (CBT) ensures correct movement of steel belts; models available for belt widths from 600 mm to 3000 mm.

Small belt tracking

SANDVIK small conveyor belt trackingThe Small Belt Tracker (SBT) ensures correct movement of steel belts; models available for belt widths from 100 mm to 600 mm.

Spring loaded guide rollers

SANDVIK spring loaded conveyor belt guide rollersPassive tracking device for situations when running conditions can be variable, e.g. when the product is loaded onto the steel belt differently from time to time, temperature changes or uneven temperature.

Spring loaded guide rollers, pair

SANDVIK spring loaded guide rollers (pair)As above, but supplied as a pair to provide a robust and safe way to keep a belt running within acceptable side movements.

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