Sandvik Process Systems is a developer and manufacturer
of steel belts, press plates and processing systems

Steel belt-based freezing systems

Steel-belt based air blast freezing systems for the freezing of a wide range of food products. The combination of air blast freezing and the excellent conductivity of the steel belt contributes to, for example, reduced freezing times and low energy consumption.

The smooth, joint-free surface of the steel belt ensures maximum hygiene and makes products slide smoothly and cleanly from the end of the belt, minimizing wastage and breakages and giving to a high-quality product.

Freezing systems for a large variety of products

The use of blast-forced refrigerated air together with automatic belt defrosting and cleaning on each cycle provide the versatility and hygiene for a variety of applications, such as the freezing of coffee, tea extracts, meat and the IQF freezing of whole fish, fish fillets, crabs, scallops and shrimps.

Being one of the most efficient and hygienic fish freezing systems on the market, Sandvik high-performance fish freezers have around 100 systems in operation around the world.

Benefits of Sandvik freezing systems include:

  • Reduced freezing times
  • Low energy consumption
  • Consistently high product quality
  • Total hygiene

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Sandvik steel belt freezing systems

The superb conductivity of the steel belt, combined with excellent mechanical properties even below -200°C (-320°F), its joint-free surface and the ability to slide products smoothly and cleanly from the end of the belt, all contribute to make it pre-eminent in food processing applications.

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Value added food processing

Steel belts for a wide range of food processing.

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End-to-end service

We can provide everything from design and manufacturing to installation and after-sales service for our processing systems.
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