Sandvik Process Systems is a developer and manufacturer
of steel belts, press plates and processing systems

Delivery forms

Sandvik steel belt are available in open length, prepared and/or scribed or as endless steel belts.


Welded transversal joints

Sandvik belts can be delivered in open lengths with the ends prepared for welding on site. Belts longer than 50 m are normally delivered with an excess length for ease of handling during installation.

Angle of the welded joint:

  • 90 degrees to the edge of the belt for normal requirements.
  • 80 degrees to the edge of the belt for special high tension requirements.
  • Other weld angles can be supplied on request.

Riveted joints

Belts of up to 2400 mm wide, with a maximum thickness of 1.4 mm and a maximum length of 50 m, can normally be delivered with both ends ready for riveting on site. Longer belts can also be prepared for riveting but these are then normally delivered with an excess length for ease of handling during installation.

There are two types of riveted joints: Overlapped joints and butt strap joints. Overlapped joints are generally used. The butt strap joint is employed only when a flat joint is required.

True-tracking belt

To ensure exact tracking, the belts can be provided with True-Tracking ropes – either in the form of bonded rubber V-ropes or, if rubber not can be used, spot welded spiral V-ropes made of stainless steel.

If required, the belts can also be fitted with side retaining strips (side dams) to keep the material on the belt. Tolerance between the two V-ropes and/or between the V-rope and the edge of the belt:

  • Single belts, ±2 mm
  • Longitudinally welded belts, ±4 mm

The minimum belt thickness for spiral V-ropes is 0.8 mm.

Properties of bonded rubber V-ropes and retaining strips
Grade Normal hardness Normal temp. Not range
Nitrile 60° shore +100 – -30°C Oil-resistant
Natural rubber 60° shore +80 – -45°C Not oil-resistant
Neoprene 60° shore +80 – -40°C Oil-resistant

Natural rubber is recommended at temperatures below 0°C unless oil-resistance is required. Retaining strips can also be supplied in silicone (only bolted) or other materials if required.

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