Sandvik Process Systems is a developer and manufacturer
of steel belts, press plates and processing systems

Steel belt materials

The Sandvik program includes both stainless steel belts and carbon steel belts available with a wide range of surfaces or as perforated belts.

Stainless steel belt

Sandvik stainless steel belts are, as standard, delivered in cold rolled (mill finish) condition with a surface roughness of Ra < 0.40 mm, ground finish with a surface roughness in the range Ra = 0.10 to Ra = 1.5 mm and have well-rounded edges.

Special surfaces, such as perforated, mirror polished, chrome plated, or coated with fluoropolymers (PTFE/FEP), can be provided in request.

Carbon steel belt

Sandvik carbon steel belts are, as standard, delivered in a hardened and tempered condition and have well-rounded edges. If required practically any surface finish can be supplied. Perforated and embossed belts are also available.

Materials overview

(other grades can be offered on request)

Stainless steel
Sandvik grade ASTM EN
Sandvik 750SA 304N (1.4315)
Sandvik 1000SA 316 1.4436
Sandvik 1200SA 301 1.4310
Sandvik 1400SAF S3.2205 1.4462
Sandvik 1500SAF S3.2750 1.4410
Sandvik 1050SM - -
Sandvik 1150SM - -
Sandvik 1500SM 630 1.4542
Sandvik 1600SM - 1.6908
Sandvik 1650SM - -
Sandvik 1850SM - -
Carbon steel
Sandvik grade ASTM EN
Sandvik 1100C 1065 1.1235
Sandvik 1300C 1070 1.1231
Sandvik 1320C - -

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