Sandvik Process Systems is a developer and manufacturer
of steel belts, press plates and processing systems

Application-specific belts

The Sandvik program includes a variety of steel belts for specific applications.

Bake oven belt

Solid and perforated bake oven carbon steel belts with a tough hard wearing belt surface that guarantees hygenic baking and a high-quality end product.

Belt for wood-based panel production

Steel belts for the production of particle board, MDF, OSB and coated boards.

Conveyor belt

Solid and perforated conveyor steel belts for a wide range of conveyor applications.

Cooler belt

Solid stainless steel cooler belt for the cooling and solidifying of, for example, chemical and food products.

Rolling roadRolling road belts

Stainless steel rolling road belts for wind tunnel testing of F1 and passengers cars as well as for tire testing

Belts for the production LCD

High gloss steel belt is used to produce high quality films, such as optical-use thin films for liquid crystal display (LCD) etc.

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