Sandvik Process Systems provides advanced industrial process solutions using steel belts, steel belt-based equipment and equipment based on adjacent technology.

Equipment for steel belt servicing

The Sandvik steel belt service equipment is a complete package of lightweight, easy to handle tools for fast, efficient and customized steel belt repairs and maintenance.

The tools are designed to enable your own service teams to complete repairs quickly and effectively so delays to production are kept as short as possible. Each tool comes with detailed instructions on its use, and full training on all service equipment is available.

Sandvik steel belt service equipment tools offer outstanding value for money, providing everything necessary to repair more than 90% of the problems encountered in a typical steel belt installation, from dents to edge damage.

Service equipment overview

Sandvik QuickDisc™ belt repair kit

For easy removal and insertion of discs into damaged belt areas and the production of circular blanks for repairs.

Sandvik QuickPeener™ shot peening unit

A portable shot peening unit specially designed for flattening deformed press belts.

Sandvik QuickCutter™ belt cutter

For efficient, precise cutting and end preparation of press belts. The Sandvik QuickCutting system can be customized for almost any belt cutting need.

Sandvik QuickGrinder™ belt grinder

Handheld belt grinder for smoothing out cross welds on press belts to ensure minimum deviation in thickness and flatness.

Other service products

We also supply welding consumables for steel belts, clamps for repair welding, fixtures for automatic joint welding and edge dressing.

Links Short description
Repair kit - press belts
List of the components included in this repair kit
Welding jig-automatic welding
Fixture for joint-welding
Welding jig-manual welding
Fixture for manual joint
Welding consumables for steel belts (PDF-document, 169 kB) Welding consumables for tig welding
QuickCutter (PDF-document, 98 kB) For cutting a thicker press belts at site
QuickDisc repair kit (PDF-document, 337 kB) Details on the use and benefits of the QuickDisc™ repair kit
Tools for riveting (PDF-document, 282 kB) Punching tools for belts widths up to 2700 mm
Hole-saw tool (PDF-document, 552 kB) For repair of defects in steel belt
Shot-peening (PDF-document, 88 kB) Shot peening technique and info how to prevent belt deformation
Clamping device (PDF-document, 752 kB) For repair-welding jobs

Belt Stretching English (PDF-document, 328 kB)

Belt Stretching German (PDF-document, 70 kB)

Equipment for belt stretching
True-tracking (PDF-document, 270 kB) Electrical bonding device for repair bonding of rubber V-ropes
Belt grinder for weld (PDF-document, 329 kB) Belt Grinder for finishing of weld seams
Remote controlled welding (PDF-document, 98 kB) Remote controlled welding system for on-site use
QuickCleaner (PDF-document, 1.26 MB) High pressure belt cleaner

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