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Sandvik double belt press solves continuous production challenge

A continuous system developed by Sandvik for a company in Asia has proved so successful that the client has now switched its entire production of high tech material to Sandvik's steel belt presses.

The challenge facing the customer, a leading supplier of thermoset glass fiber composites to the electronics industry, was how to streamline the production process and at the same time eliminate the unplanned shutdowns that were impacting on productivity.

Sandvik's engineers were invited to redesign the process and developed a solution – based around a Sandvik double belt press – capable of meeting the company's production and quality requirements.

Several layers of raw materials are unwound from coils in front of the press. As they pass through the heating and cooling zones of the press they are laminated together and on exiting the press are wound, in the form of a composite material, onto a single coil.

Such was the outstanding cost-performance ratio of the press that the customer scrapped the previous process altogether and moved production to the steel belt-based process. Today the customer's business has grown so dramatically that three Sandvik steel belt-based systems are in operation at this manufacturing facility.

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Marvin Petit-Homme
Hans-Kurt Schromm

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